EMF Safety Tips: How to Reduce Your Exposure in a Wireless World

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are produced by the movement of electric charges. When electric charges, such as electrons, are in motion, they create a magnetic field around them. 

In this age where people can’t practically live without their phones and wireless devices, concerns about the potential health effects of EMF persist.

Two Types of EMF

The Electromagnetic Spectrum can be grouped into two categories: Non-ionising or Low Frequency and Ionising or High Frequency

Low to mid-frequency EMF sources include mobile phones, electric power lines and appliances and radio waves used in mine and military communication systems. 

On the other hand, High frequency EMF includes X-rays, often used in diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, and Gamma rays, which is associated with nuclear reactions.

Effects of EMF on the Human Body

Knowing that mobile phones and other wireless devices emit radiofrequency radiation makes people worry about cancer risk. But is it really harmful for our health? Is it dangerous to live near base stations?

Decades have been spent on research on EMF and its possible association with cancer risk, especially among children. Results vary and more insights are needed but overall, the assessment that it’s a possible cause of childhood leukaemia is valid. 

Organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classify RF radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (Group 2B) based on limited evidence of a possible link with some types of tumors.

For adults, studies on residential and workplace exposures have found possible associations. For one, “a case–control study among U.S. Air Force personnel found the suggestion of an increased risk of brain cancer among personnel who maintained or repaired radiofrequency or microwave-emitting equipment.”

Protection from Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Energy Emissions

There are so many products in the market claiming to shield people from EMF, many of which are often not supported by robust scientific evidence. Before purchasing any such product, look for independent studies and research that validate the claims made by the manufacturer.

In general, radiation levels from EMF sources are low and are perceived as not very harmful. However, it is still recommended to limit your exposure. There are two basic measures for this:

Increasing distance from EMF sources is still the best way to reduce exposure. Holding your device a few centimetres or inches can substantially reduce exposure. Even placing your thumb between the phone and your ear can help. 

Reduce time by texting instead of calling. As much as possible, keep your calls short. 

Avoid using your phone in locations with poor signal. Areas with good reception will transmit at lower levels. 

As for routers, place them somewhere far from where people spend most of their time.

Real Time Radiation Monitoring

EMF—or radiation in general—has an undeniable role in our everyday life. From communication, wireless power transfers to medicine. It’s important to recognise that radiation encompasses a broad spectrum of phenomena, some of which are beneficial and others that require careful management and consideration. 

SensaWeb provides EMF spectrum monitors that present data in a user-friendly manner, enabling both organisations and local communities manage and understand EMF exposure effectively. This enhances a sense of safety and confidence in their workplaces and residential areas.

Looking for area radiation monitors or personal radiation monitoring devices? You can count on SensaWeb. With our monitors, you can easily detect and interdict radioactive materials. 

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