Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, we are able to store the data on a USB stick to be downloaded to a laptop and viewed in both an offline app, as well as uploaded into the platform when there is connectivity.
  • There is also the option of using satellite for connectivity. This requires a satellite gateway which will send data back once a day, with hourly measurements for the preceding 24 hours. This gateway can support up to 50 sensors at a distance of up to 10 km (depending on topography) at a cost of $250 ex per gateway per month. The benefits of this are to remove the need for regular site visits and to have timely, at least daily updates of data.
  • Our units’ internal storage can store up to 40 years of data, sampling every 2 seconds.
    Where possible SensaWeb would utilise the client’s existing infrastructure. In remote locations, a stand-alone solar panel and power bank solution can be included as an option on the ongoing monthly service plan. This cost would be an additional $75 ex a month.
    Remote sensors can communicate in real-time back to the closest wi-fi point using LoraWAN technology. LoraWAN gateways allow sensors to communicate up to 15 km from the gateway, meshed together until they reach either wifi or 4g coverage. Utilising solar power, this solution can potentially operate indefinitely, providing real-time data to the platform and removing the manual processes currently required in monitoring radiation.
    Yes, new units are sent out at the 11th month for simple replacement.
    We have the option of providing both cloud-based and hosted on-premise on a server. The cloud version is hosted securely on the Google Cloud Platform in their Sydney data centres.
    Data is backed up to other cloud providers to ensure continuity in the case of failure and can also be provided as a CSV extract on a regularly scheduled basis to the client.
    Yes, we can automate the creation and email/saving to Dropbox/OneDrive, etc. as desired. We already have scheduled quarterly and annual reporting of units against key indicators delivered by email as part of service provision.
  • We have completed a successful monitoring implementation for a mining campaign in the Macarthur river area from December 2017 to April 2018 (this mine has since suspended operations).
  • Currently installed in a nuclear material research facility in south-east Queensland.
  • Long term radiation storage facility in Western Australia
  • Depending on the configuration and location, we expect about a month to get the first sensors on site.
    The Subscription cost is based on a per sensor price. Unlimited user access to the system is provided as part of the device subscription cost. Enhancements to the interface may attract a cost and will be approached on a case-by-case basis.