CASE STUDY: Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA)

Formed in 2015 by a group of academics and researchers throughout Australia, ORSAA provides an independent perspective on the science relating to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and human exposure. 

It’s an independent organisation that offers a database of peer-reviewed scientific studies and articles, media releases and media comment on current events related to EMR and health, and access to experts in relevant fields. 

Problem: Extensive data on mobile phone and wifi signal strength is needed to conduct a research on potential health impacts.

Project details:  SensaWeb provided 20 devices to measure non-ionising radiation from a variety of locations across Australia. Each sensor is connected via wired, WiFi or mobile network. From each monitoring location, data is collected and managed onto a customised dashboard. 


  • Radiation Detection: Electromagnetic Radiation and Microwave communication full spectrum analyser
  • Detection Frequency Range: 1 ~ 6200MHz
  • Full spectrum review every 5 minutes
  • Passive monitoring for safety

Benefits: With the advancement of technology and densification of 5G base stations across Australia and around the world, it’s important to continuously research the potential health effects of electromagnetic radiation. 

EVIDENCE-BASED RESEARCH: SensaWeb’s EMF monitoring system identifies exposure levels in real time and provides historical information through admin-level detailed reporting, summaries, and data export. 
COMMUNITY ASSURANCE: With increased visibility of data and more published research, people are assured of their safety and security.

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