SensaWeb joins the AI Meets Industry Opportunities program

SensaWeb Co-Founder and CTO Darren Oliver joined the launch of AI Meets Industry Opportunities event on September 8th at The Precinct, Fortitude Valley. Organized by the Queensland AI Hub, the program provides an opportunity for members of the defence industry to build connections and explore partnership opportunities.

The AI Meets Industry Opportunities Program offers project briefings on different sectors, including products, technologies and innovations. This gives home-grown AI businesses the opportunity to connect with industry, innovation and research partners. With this, starting companies can expand their commercial networks.

Preparing for Defence Industry Projects

As a member of the Queensland AI Hub, the SensaWeb team is able to share insights and professional advice through the organisation’s programs.

On preparing for defence industry projects, Darren Oliver outlined the opportunities for SensaWeb’s innovative technology. He talked about providing world-leading sovereign capabilities to increase the safety, security and assurance of defence force operations.

Collaborating with Experts

Along with SensaWeb, Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, Rheinmetall Defence Australia, and Airbus Australia also attended the program.

Rheinmetall Program Manager Ray Bright talked about technology for tomorrow’s soldiers. He introduced their Autonomous Combat Warrior (ACW) Research and Technology program. 

After that, Airbus Australia took the stage and shared their insights. Head of Industry and Innovation Scott White discussed meeting customer expectations on the use of AI and related technologies in both Defence and Space.

The program ended with a Q&A and Networking session.


The Queensland AI Hub believes in artificial intelligence and smart data as key factors in strategic business sucess. Through its programs, it expands the global market reach of the local AI ecosystem.

For SensaWeb, their Hub membership helps in amplifying the company’s vision of a safer community through smart and simple data reporting. Any Queensland-based small or large-scale organisation who also want to share their vision and connect with local AI talent should consider joining the Hub. Members are given opportunities to partner with industry, research and government, while promoting Australia as a trusted source of AI technology.

World-First Radiation Monitoring Solution

Detection of nuclear and radiological materials is essential for safety and defence. Increased data collection on these provides greater visibility and prevents potential damages.

Looking for personal and field radiation monitors? SensaWeb has it. With the advanced technology, you can easily detect and interdict radioactive materials.

SensaWeb is proudly located in South-East Queensland, Australia, with our team spanning across Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast. We strategically partner with local companies to support Australian-based advanced manufacturing. 

Connect with us at or our email address: You can also call us at +61 415 409 467.

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