Myths and Misconceptions about Radiation Exposure

We are constantly exposed to it from the various sources in our environment—cosmic radiation, radon gas, and the X-rays and CT scans we take. The amount we are exposed to is typically very low and is generally safe. 

Exploring Three Radiation Events in History

Radiation events have been rare and far between, but they highlight the importance of strict safety regulations and proper management of radioactive materials to prevent accidents and protect public health. 

Five Uses of Radiation in Food and Agriculture

Radiation in plant mutation breeding has been used for several decades. By exposing the seeds or cuttings of a plant to radiation, they can produce the desired traits like resistance to disease, pests, or environmental stress.

What is Infrared Radiation and How Is It Used?

Infrared radiation usually goes unnoticed but it’s something you encounter every day. Toasters, incandescent bulbs, and remote controls use infrared energy, as well as industrial heaters used in drying and curing materials.