Five Uses of Radiation in Food and Agriculture

Radiation in plant mutation breeding has been used for several decades. By exposing the seeds or cuttings of a plant to radiation, they can produce the desired traits like resistance to disease, pests, or environmental stress.

What is Infrared Radiation and How Is It Used?

Infrared radiation usually goes unnoticed but it’s something you encounter every day. Toasters, incandescent bulbs, and remote controls use infrared energy, as well as industrial heaters used in drying and curing materials. 

Monitoring Personal Radiation Exposure At Work

Personal radiation monitoring devices (PRMDs) are radiation sensors “designed to measure, over a specified period of time, the radiation dose received by a person who is occupationally exposed to radiation.”

How Do Radiation Protection Suits Work?

For people working with radiation sources, garments are designed to minimise penetration of radioactive materials. The PPE set is usually composed of hat and face shield, steel-toed boots, coveralls, hooded radiation resistant suit, breathing apparatus, and a personal monitor.

Radiation Exposure in Medical Procedures

Most of the man-made radiation we are exposed to comes from the medical procedures we undergo—standard X-ray and CT scans to diagnose injuries and disease. Radiation is also used in radiation therapy to improve health and even save lives.

CASE STUDY: Sunshine Coast Council

To ensure a high level of connectivity across the planned City Hall, SCC requires real-time measurements in key locations about the signal strength of WiFi and mobile phone providers in and around their brand new Town Hall.