SensaWeb joins Sustainability in Space Pitch Competition

SensaWeb CEO Simon Turner and CTO Darren Oliver participated as finalist in the Sustainability in Space Pitch Competition on May 4th at The Precinct, Fortitude Valley. Hosted by the Boeing’s Aerospace Xelerated, in partnership with Advance Queensland and the Queensland Government, the pitch competition secures a proof of concept opportunity with The Boeing Company.

Joining the competition along with SensaWeb are five companies based in Queensland: Herik Labs, Canaria Technologies, Solar Relief Pty Ltd., JD Sanmed and White Graphene. Each demonstrated their potential contribution to health and well-being in space, sustainable energy for space, and methods to protect people and equipment from radiation in space.

SensaWeb’s real time radiation monitoring can provide information on the incidence and impact of radiation exposure in space, helping organisations make informed decisions for their safety. SensaWeb’s PROACTIVE approach of managing radiation exposure in real time and not just as a response to unexpected results was the opportunity presented in the pitch competition.

Aside from the pitches, the event also included keynote speeches and a discussion with a panel of industry experts.

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