How do Industries Benefit from SensaWeb’s Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting System?

With the increasing use of nuclear energy and advancement of radiation-based medical procedures, it has become even more important to have effective radiation monitoring systems in place. Maintaining a safe working environment is crucial when exposure to radiation can have serious health consequences, ranging from mild skin irritation to acute radiation sickness and cancer. 

With a huge responsibility of ensuring the safety and well-being of workers and the public, the best type of monitoring should provide real data in real time, in real simple visualisation.

Increased Visibility of Essential Information

At the heart of the SensaWeb detection system is an AI that tracks distributed sensor data in real time and simplifies the information for operational utilisation and later review. 

Unlike passive dosimetry which takes months to return data and electronic dosimeters that have no location tracking, SensaWeb’s monitoring system sends radiation and location data in real time every two seconds.

The interface outputs simplified strategic data, in depth technical data and autonomous platform GIS location, simultaneously in real time. 

This scalable tech easily identifies radiation levels with position data from multiple sensors with extremely low latency. Increasing deployed survivability through automation and simplification of essential environmental data in contested environments.

Enhanced Safety and Security

The SensaWeb scalable medical and deployable autonomous detection solution simplifies and increases resolution of Nuclear, radiation, Electro-Magnetic Frequencies and CBRNE information.

When the determined exposure level is exceeded, the system will send alerts to the relevant staff member. Multiple units can be installed in fixed positions or in vehicles, which allows organisations to keep track of radiation levels in remote facilities. Authorised staff can then view this data on the report generation and management platform, anywhere and on any device.

Reduced Risk of Compliance Breaches

In Australia and across the globe, the use of radiation is heavily regulated for public safety. Standards and guidelines are set to ensure compliance—from handling radioactive sources to transporting radioactive waste up to emergency exposure situations.

Radiation monitoring is a crucial component of regulation compliance. It involves measuring radiation levels in the environment, as well as the monitoring of individual exposure for those who work in areas where radiation is present. The goal of radiation monitoring is to ensure that radiation exposure remains within safe limits and to detect any potential safety hazards.

Increased Staff and Community Assurance

SensaWeb is passionate about making people feel safe and assured around radiation sources. By providing radiation monitors with clear data visualisation, we can help health, research and nuclear organisations and the communities around them be confident in their safety and the benefits of radiation technologies.

Improved Efficiency, Productivity and Engagement

Continuous monitoring and automated reports offer significant cost savings and greater operational freedom for staff, improving overall productivity at work.

Looking for area radiation monitors or personal radiation monitoring devices? You can count on SensaWeb. With our monitors, you can easily detect and interdict radioactive materials. 

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