CASE STUDY: Sunshine Coast Council

Sunshine Coast Council

The Sunshine Coast Council is aiming to make the Sunshine Coast the country’s most sustainable region. The Mayor and Councillors work closely with the Executive Leadership team and staff to deliver a range of plans and strategies that guide the delivery of major projects across the region, and council’s capital works program. 

Problem: To ensure a high level of connectivity across the planned City Hall, SCC requires real-time measurements in key locations about the signal strength of WiFi and mobile phone providers in and around their brand new Town Hall.

Project details:  SensaWeb provided a number of devices to measure the signal strength for WiFi and mobile phone coverage across a number of levels. Each sensor is connected via Power over Ethernet to ensure minimum installation requirements. From each monitoring location, data is collected and managed onto a customised dashboard. 


  • Radiation Detection: Electromagnetic Radiation and Microwave communication full spectrum analyser
  • Detection Frequency Range: 1 ~ 6200MHz
  • Full spectrum review every 5 minutes
  • Passive monitoring for safety

Benefits: A strong Internet and mobile network connection is vital in gathering information and communicating in the workplace. 

INCREASED AWARENESS: SensaWeb through its monitors provides world-first access to clearly visualised data. This increases knowledge and awareness of the environment of staff and stakeholders. 

OPERATIONS PRODUCTIVITY: For SCC, the detailed reporting can help compare signal strengths and identify low reception blackspots. Having the right data will optimise the council’s workspace, allowing greater operational control and financial benefits. 

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