How Waste Management Facilities Benefit from Real-Time Radiation Monitoring

From medicine to electricity generation, radiation has many beneficial applications and with its use arise radioactive wastes that need to be taken care of. Proper storage and disposal by licensed waste management facilities are essential to protect the people and the environment.

Source: Tellus Holdings Ltd. geological repository

Monitoring plays a key role in these waste management facilities. The International Atomic Energy Agency or IAEA says a monitoring programme is a “key element in verifying that a licensed radioactive waste disposal facility meets its specified performance and safety requirements.”

Remember: the monitoring approach is site-specific. It will depend on the type of waste (low-level, intermediate level, high-level) and the disposal facility type (near-surface, deep geological disposal).

Radiation Monitoring in Different Periods

Pre-operational – Before the facilities’ operations, there are site evaluation and design studies. This also includes the development of programmes and procedures required in licence application. Monitoring programmes are supposed to be installed in this period.

Operational – When the facility starts to receive waste and also during backfilling and sealing radiation exposures may occur. The safety assessments are then updated based on the actual experience and increasing knowledge, both on-site and outside. 

Closure and post-closure – A waste facility will close for reasons like when it reaches its maximum capacity. A monitoring programme should still be in place to ensure that the disposal system is performing as expected. This also enhances confidence in the waste management process.

Benefits of Real-Time Radiation Monitoring in Operations and Finance

How does real-time monitoring benefit waste management facilities? Operators must ensure that the radioactivity is kept at safe levels as they are required to report to regulatory bodies periodically to meet licence requirements.

Monitoring automations can increase compliance with these regulations while increasing staff assurance. Administrative requirements lessen, adding financial benefits as well. With greater operational control, there is improvement in overall productivity.

Simplify and Improve Your Operations

SensaWeb provides real-time radiation monitoring services to the waste management, healthcare, telecommunications and mining industry. We provide operational oversight at a glance by providing data in a simple visualisation.

“No other radiation monitoring system can handle multiple sites in a single reporting interface, making SensaWeb an integral part of safe and productive operations. SensaWeb truly delivered on its value proposition for Tellus’ Sandy Ridge Facility.”

Richard Phillips, General Manager – Approvals & External Affairs, Tellus Holdings Ltd

Our monitors send radiation and location data in real-time, every TWO seconds, using multiple communication methods. Authorised staff can then view this data on the report generation and management platform, anywhere and on any device. 

The user can set whatever limits they wish on the monitor; any breach of those limits will trigger an email and text message alert to the official responsible for radiation health and safety.

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