Real Time Radiation Monitoring: Ensuring Safety in Mining Facilities

“No other radiation monitoring system can handle multiple sites in a single reporting interface, making SensaWeb an integral part of safe and productive operations. SensaWeb truly delivered on its value proposition for Tellus’ Sandy Ridge Facility.”

Richard Phillips, General Manager
Approvals & External Affairs
Tellus Holdings Ltd

SensaWeb’s real-time radiation and environmental monitoring expand to one of the industries with the highest occupational exposure: the mining industry. Miners are constantly exposed to radiation hazards, especially those who spend several hours in underground mines where radon can reach high doses.

Additional Protection for Mining Staff

Mine operators take precautions to protect their staff like giving them personal protective equipment and minimising the spread of dust. The usual PPE includes overalls, safety glasses, a P2 dust mask, safety boots, and gloves.

Radiation safety in Australian mining operations is regulated, requiring area monitoring surveys and monitoring equipment that work and are calibrated annually.

SensaWeb’s radiation monitoring technology benefits mining operations with its simple data visualisation, easing protective measures for the staff. It offers customised dashboards, text and email notifications, automated reporting, GPS tracking, sensors and yearly calibration.

Radiation Regulation in Australia

In Australia, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is the government’s primary authority on radiation protection and nuclear safety.

“ARPANSA regulates Commonwealth entities using radiation with the objective of protecting people and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation. They undertake research, provide services, and promote national uniformity and the implementation of international best practice across all jurisdictions.”

Automation Means Greater Operational Control

Timeliness of data. SensaWeb’s radiation monitors reduce administration through automation, providing immediate and scheduled reporting and instant notification of unexpected events.

With the increased data collection, there is greater visibility of invisible hazards. With greater visibility, organisation control is improved.

Our monitors also track inline effluent and gas discharge monitoring in real time, strengthening environmental protection through automated reporting and alerts.

Logistics control is also increased with custom alert set points,  GPS tracking of mobile assets, and driver exposure reports. 

With greater data visibility and a public reporting interface, public perception is improved. It’s not just the staff who are assured of their safety but also the community.

Radiation Monitoring Services

This service is provided not as a capital expense but as an operational expense. It offers financial benefits to businesses as the automated system reduces administration costs. Aside from that, the service includes calibration and instrument maintenance!

For mining and mineral processing facilities, SensaWeb’s monitoring system provides organisation-wide real-time operational info at a glance. Site plan integrations are customised and data dashboards are simple to understand.

Dual Geiger field monitors detect Gamma, X-ray cps, Dose rate with 

  • a detection dose range of 0 ~ 45000uSv/h
  • detection CPM range of 0 ~ 983000 CPM
  • and detectable energy range of 0.02 ~ 3.0 MeV.

In case of instrument failure or any unexpected conditions, organisations will be alerted immediately. 

Looking for area radiation monitors or personal radiation monitoring devices? SensaWeb got you covered. With our monitors, you can easily detect and interdict radioactive materials.

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