SensaWeb participates in ATI Boeing Accelerator program

From a diverse set of 200 applicants, SensaWeb was selected as one of the 10 global start-ups for the 2nd ATI Boeing Accelerator program

Presenting at the Demo Day was Simon Turner, co-founder and CEO of SensaWeb. Along with other participants from various fields, SensaWeb introduced its world-first automated real-time radiation monitoring and reporting system. 

Click the photo to watch SensaWeb’s full demo.

Focusing on the implications of radiation exposure in aerospace and health, the SensaWeb team shared its vision of bringing radiation monitoring out of the 1950s and making use of abundant smart technology.

ATI Boeing Accelerator Program

The ATI Boeing Accelerator program is a three-month program created to support innovation and drive the UK’s aerospace industry forward. This is through getting together world-class start-ups, whose technologies foster sustainability, rapid design methodologies, and workflow optimisation.

With the partnership of Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) and Boeing HorizonX Global Ventures, delivered by European accelerator Ignite, the accelerator program provides start-ups an opportunity of a global mentoring network and a $175,000 Boeing investment.

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defence, space and security systems. With GKN Aerospace as its corporate sponsor and Rolls-Royce as the program partner, participating start-ups were also able to expand their network and further develop their technology. 

The first cohort in London raised more than $11.1 million additional investment and created more than 30 jobs. In the second cohort, the other nine start-ups have raised almost $23 million to date, with 20 per cent at pre-seed stage (bootstrapped or grant funded), 40 per cent at seed stage and 30 per cent beyond seed stage.

Radiation in the Aerospace Industry

Radiation is all around us—both natural and man-made. It’s in mines, mobile phone towers, even in veterinary clinics. Although it has its beneficial uses especially in curing cancer, exposure to high doses can have adverse effects like skin burns, damaged tissues, and acute radiation syndrome.

Over 10 years ago, Simon Turner was decommissioning a nuclear reactor and found out that the radiation monitoring units in the area weren’t working, risking the safety of the staff. That started the concept of SensaWeb’s real-time radiation monitoring and reporting solution. 

Together with Darren Oliver, co-founder and CTO, Turner developed SensaWeb which provides data in real time using custom-built sensors and a data analytics platform. 

In the aviation and aerospace industry, radiation exposure is also a critical issue that needs to be addressed. This is what SensaWeb emphasized during the accelerator program. “Flight crew have the highest incidence of certain types of cancer across all professions, most likely due to cosmic radiation, yet there is no true understanding of the exposure levels that flight crew and passengers are exposed to,” Turner said. 

SensaWeb’s Radiation Monitoring Solution for Aviation

SensaWeb’s solution provides airlines and manufacturers information on the incidence and impact of radiation exposure, helping them make informed decisions for their health and safety. 

With its real time data reports, SensaWeb’s monitoring technology reduces the risk of getting adverse effects of radiation exposure. Network-connected radiation monitors detect real data and send it in real time every two seconds. Reports in simple data visualisation and management platforms can be accessed anywhere, on any device. 

SensaWeb works on a PROACTIVE approach and manages radiation exposure in real time, not just as a response to unexpected results. This was the opportunity presented in the ATI Boeing Accelerator program. 

“It’s an amazing and unexpected opportunity to engage with the aerospace industry and we’re incredibly grateful for the leg-up as a small Brisbane business.”

Radiation Monitoring Devices

SensaWeb’s radiation monitoring devices help businesses in hazard-specific locations operate safely and smoothly. With less or no dependence on passive dosimetry, manual or paper-based measurement, and routine surveys, site conditions are improved and the workforce become more relaxed and productive. 

Need area radiation monitors for your company? Perhaps a personal radiation monitoring device? SensaWeb got you covered. With our devices, you can easily detect and interdict nuclear and radioactive materials.

Send us a message through or our email address: You can also call us at +61 415 409 467. 

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