SensaWeb is Launching in Outback Australia

We are excited to announce that SensaWeb is launching into the Australian Outback, providing global-first radiation monitoring at a new facility currently nearing completion over 150 kilometres from the nearest town. With no ready access to power or internet, SensaWeb has adapted their units to be solar-powered and operate on a low power, long range wide area network.  These units are purpose-built for mines and other remote facilities.  These conditions are amongst the harshest in the world, and we are looking forward to seeing our sensors go the distance where others fear to tread.  

SensaWeb has also received fantastic feedback from its first pilot customer, a joint-venture mineral processing facility in Australia and partnered in Denmark.  This pilot program is providing real-time ionising radiation monitoring at the facility in South-East Queensland, Australia. The additional capability built within the SensaWeb system allows the international partners immediate visibility to the radiological conditions of the operations and sample activity measurements.

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