New CEO Appointment

As part of SensaWeb’s growing opportunities, we are moving forward in the next stage of our journey with co-founder Simon Turner, being appointed as our first Chief Executive Officer.  With his day-to-day focus on the strategic delivery and global outreach for SensaWeb’s world-first real-time radiation monitoring enterprise solution, Simon is perfectly placed to drive increased client engagement and community awareness of the problem that our solution solves.

Darren Oliver (co-founder) remains as the Chief Technology Officer, while also taking on the Chairman role.

1 thought on “New CEO Appointment

  1. Glen Bethel Reply


    As a follow on promise after our Boeing Accelerator session, I’ve reached out to a company called Micro-X in Adelaide as a friend of mine is one of their BD staff.

    Hopefully they reach out to you in the near future.

    Kind Regards


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